Focus Areas

Career Pathways

Currently, our career pathways effort is BankWork$™, a program which launches careers in the banking industry with customized job training, placement assistance, and ongoing coaching. Created by the Foundation in 2006, BankWork$™ serves as a cost-effective and collective training opportunity for bank positions. The program is focused on opening doors for adults from major urban centers to find and secure jobs, which can lead to lasting careers. The nation’s leading banks are not only major employers of our graduates, but also the funders and developers of the program. As our partners, they work closely with us to ensure BankWork$™ remains responsive to hiring trends.

We are rolling out BankWork$™ to 2-3 new cities across the country each year with the goal to have the program in 12-15 cities by 2018. BankWork$™ currently operates in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, Portland, Houston, Denver, and Chicago.

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