Social Impact Theatre – Grant Program FAQ

When is the next grant application cycle?

Grant cycles generally begin in January and July.

What are the eligibility requirements for the grant program?

An applicant must be a nonprofit organization that:

  • is domiciled in Alaska, California, Oregon, or Washington state with IRS-determined 501(c)(3) status
  • has a mission to produce or present theatre, or a theatre program that is integral to the mission of a larger organization (performing arts center, educational institution, or other community agency)
  • has a history of at least two consecutive years of bringing theatre to its community
  • has annual revenue of at least $750,000 for the two most recently-completed fiscal years

How does the Foundation define social impact theatre?

Social impact theatre is artistic content that promotes dialogue around relevant social issues.

My organization does not meet the annual revenue requirement (revenue of at least $750,000 for each of the two most recently-completed fiscal years). Can we still apply?

Applicants must meet the annual revenue requirement. However, we encourage theatres that do not meet requirements on their own, to partner with theatres that do.

Can we apply under a fiscal sponsor?

No. We do not accept applications through fiscal sponsors.