Ranko Fukuda

Ranko Fukuda is the CareerWork$® Program Director. She is responsible for working with vocational training partners, employer partners, and community stakeholders to ensure the BankWork$® and CareerWork$ Medical® programs are maximizing their impact in markets across the country. After graduating from University of Michigan, Ranko spent 12 years with Capital One Financial, honing in on her Project and Program Management skills, as well as having the privilege of working in the CEO, President and Bank Presidents’ offices and managing the Bank charitable giving program. Her tenure at Capital One ended unexpectedly when the Great Northeast Earthquake and Tsunami affected her home country of Japan, and she moved to Japan temporarily to help aid in disaster recovery with All Hands Volunteers. Upon her return to the US, Ranko moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the non profit sector to leverage her professional skills in making a difference in underserved communities. She enjoys salsa dancing, hot yoga, organic farming, and spending time with her dog and cat.