Focus Area

Public Education

Improving Outcomes for Students

In just over a decade, we’ve seen a profound impact through the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools.

0% Graduation rates in partnership schools
Rates have more than doubled since 2008
0% Suspension rates at partnership schools
Rates have dropped to nearly zero
Public Education

Our Partners

Green Dot Public Schools Washington is a non-profit public charter school organization advancing a mission to drive urgent improvement in the public education system so that public schools prepare all students for success in college, leadership, and life.

Highline Schools Foundation is the only non-profit organization focused on supporting all students of Highline Public Schools. The district is one of the most diverse in Washington State serving the communities of Burien, Des Moines, SeaTac, White Center, and Normandy Park.

Partnership for Los Angeles Schools transforms schools and revolutionizes school systems to empower all students with a high-quality education. The Partnership has accelerated student achievement while scaling successes across our network and beyond.

Summit Public Schools prepares a diverse student population for success in college, career and life, and works to leverage its work to have a broader impact on public education in America. Summit believes that every student, upon reaching adulthood, should be equipped to lead a fulfilled life.