Our Grantmaking

How We Work

We collaborate with organizations to create innovative, scalable and, when appropriate, exportable program models in the areas of public education, supportive care, social impact theatre, and career pathways.

  • Public Education: Building solutions through leadership, policy, governance, and engagement to inspire systems change and impact students’ lives
  • Supportive Care: Addressing the psychological, social, and spiritual needs of patients and their loved ones in tandem with a patient’s clinical treatment
  • Social Impact Theatre: Fostering the art form by expanding access to inspiring productions and immersive educational experiences
  • CareerWork$: Launching careers with customized career training, placement assistance, and ongoing coaching

What We Fund

Guiding Principles

We Believe

We believe education is the single most important factor in empowering individuals to achieve their goals. As such, we incorporate components of education wherever possible.

We Strive

We strive for impact in communities of color and areas of high poverty by focusing our efforts on equity and access.

We Work

We work with a sense of urgency yet strive to be nimble in addressing the changing landscape within our focus areas.

We Commit

We commit to sharing our time, experience, resources and energy in a model of active philanthropy.

We Pledge

We pledge ourselves to continuous improvement, reflecting and learning alongside our partners.

We Recognize

We recognize the power of collective impact, tackling complex issues in collaboration with others.