Advocating for An End to Food Insecurity and Helping Those Experiencing Hunger This Winter

According to the United States Census Bureau, in June 2022, almost 24 million households reported that they often did not have enough to eat during the week. In some areas of our country, nearly a third of the population experiences food insecurity. One in six children in America may experience food insecurity.

The causes of hunger are complex and include regional, racial, and social inequities. We hope that organizations and leaders will address the immediate needs of people facing hunger while addressing the root causes: poverty, injustice, and a lack of equitable access to systems and resources.

Fortunately, organizations like Meals on Wheels and Feeding America are doing important work to address this issue and support those households experiencing hunger. For example, the Feeding America network helped provide a record 6.6 billion meals to those in need in 2021. Meals on Wheels provided 19 million more meals and served an additional one million seniors since the pandemic – many of whom still rely on their critical services.

We wanted to do our part as well.  We asked our foundation staff and board to identify a food bank that we we would support. As a result, we have sent checks to 22 food banks across the country. These funds will help provide over 360,000 meals to individuals, families, and children – and also provide nearly 2,000 meal deliveries, check-ins, and safety checks through Meals on Wheels that will keep seniors safe at home.

The food banks we’re supporting this holiday include:

As we see 2022 come to an end, we encourage you to support those who are in need by giving what you can to a food bank in your community—where you live now or where you may have lived in the past or where you have a connection– that is helping people experiencing hunger and advocating for systemic change to end food insecurity.