Initial Application for Theatre Enrichment Grants

We’re thrilled to announce the first cycle of grants in theatre enrichment for 2016. Initial applications are due on March 11 through the Foundation’s online portal (see PDF instructions below to access).

To access the system, you will have to register your organization with a new account. When registering, you must choose one email address to attach to your organization’s account. As more than one person may be working on the application, it is critical to note that all staff must be able to access your account through one email log-in only. You may watch the YouTube tutorial for more information on how to set up an online log-in. Once your organization’s log-in is set up from the Application Status Page, select “Apply” from the far left gray box and then click on the “2016 Theatre Enrichment: 1st Cycle” link.

To learn more and to access the link to apply, open the PDF below.